Friday, January 22, 2010

Time to Make Stuff Up!

Since Bill Ladson keeps writing about the Nationals' "interest" in players based apparently on nothing but his imagination, I thought I'd share what the little birdies in my head are saying to me. My gut says the Nationals are going to sign Johnny Damon. I don't think they should, but it's feeling like it'll happen.

I keep hearing talk about trading Josh Willingham, but if the team was going to do that, they would have done it last July when he was in the top 5 in OPS in the NL and splitting time with three other starting corner outfielders and first basemen. No, I think Elijah Dukes, the most obvious remaining Bowden-holdover who doesn't fit the Rizzo mold of "good clubhouse guys," will either be moved down the depth chart or sent packing.

Damon will get a two-year deal worth somewhere around $13-15 million. And the team will have yet another "winner" Tom Boswell has heard of. Keep your eye on the transaction wire and see if I'm any better at making stuff up than Ladson.


JCA said...

Steven - assuming the Nats do move Willingham (or Dukes), at what price would Damon be attractive to you as a LF option? 1 year, $5m like Abreu last year for a lefty hitter with dead pull power and speed to take advantage of the ballpark? Weak arm, for sure, but still decent range (+4 UZR over 2000 innings since 2007 in left). If not Damon, then who do you like? Try Maxwell & Harris, or pick up a Winn as rumored earlier in the offseason?

jg3 said...

i tink ladson is paid by the word.

so that explains some of it.