Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Top Five Things about Being a Nationals Fan

Someday, there might be more competition, but for now, it's:
1. Charlie
Five dollar tickets plus non-existent seating discipline
4. Ryan Zimmerman
5. Charlie

Ah, thanks for the memories (h/t to Capitol Punishment).


Positively Half St. said...

I couldn't agree more. I remember that for the first few weeks of the first season I wasn't that fond of Charlie Slowes because I thought he put the volume up all the way for too many plays during a game, and not only for the most consequential events. Either he modulated that quickly, or I got better at discerning the subtleties of his style. In either case, he is the best part of paying attention to the Nationals from home, and I hope he becomes our longtime announcer someday.

Basil said...

Charlie still needs to lighten up on "He made the catch! HE MADE THE CATCH!" types of moments, but he's solid and sounds like an old friend now.

I have no problem with Dave2.0, but Dave1.0 could've come in handy during the past two 100-loss seasons, insofar as he sort of sounded a bit drunk while doing play-by-play.

Dave said...

No love for me? Charlie without me is like Fred without Ginger.

Steven said...

Dave's fine, but I'm a Charlie guy. That's just me.

Anonymous said...

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