Monday, April 5, 2010

A Bad Day at the Ballpark Is Still Better than a Red Hot Poker to the Eye

News flash: the Nationals are still terrible. They won 59 games last year, and let's face it--they didn't really get better. Yes, Strasburg will be a star. But Brian Bruney? Adam Kennedy? Ivan Rodriguez? And remember, they got just about the best possible performances from Ryan Zimmerman, Josh Willingham, Adam Dunn, and John Lannan. Don't forget to subtract 91 innings of Jordan Zimmermann this year. Now, in fairness, Pythagoras had them at 66 wins last year. So if their luck evens out, they should gain 7 wins right there. But what we saw today is an honest reflection of the gap between the Nationals and a playoff team. The Nationals are still terrible.


Section3,mySofa said...

Can't say it much plainer than that. Still, they're going to take a lot of beatings this year, so there's no sense getting into a #1 lather over the first one. It's a long season, we have to pace ourselves.

But this doesn't look much like a good faith effort from the guys in charge, does it? I don't require success, I only ask that they try. (Hey, that's a good line.)

Anonymous said...

Unlike last year you don't have to replace and restock the entire bullpen and starting staff for both SYR and the parent team in the majors. Is that an improvement? Probably.

They just need to admit that putting Batista on the 40-man and 25 man was a mistake, give up on Bergmann, and perhaps Mock and replace with guys like Strasburg, Storen, Olsen (completely 100%), Detwiler (100% hopefully improved enough to make you forget about Heyward), Thompson, and Storen.

So, its better. The problem appears to be Rigglemans worship of older veteran players who don't perform ... he only seems to remember what they used to be like.

Anonymous said...

What's the deal with them wearing the alternate jersey on their home opener? I mean, I think their uniforms are really not all that good to begin with, so the alternates are actually a slight improvement, but aren't they supposed to be worn occasionally only, and certainly not on opening day?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Strasburg will be a star. But Brian Bruney? Adam Kennedy? Ivan Rodriguez?

I seem to recall Pudge going 3 for 4 with two doubles today, not to mention a great play at the plate to get Lannan out of the first inning unscathed. What game were you watching, anyway?

Mark said...

One game and everyone gets their knickers in a twist.

Remember. This is a come-from-behind team and a come-from-behind script. Gotta bury yourselves at the bottom in order to emerge triumphantly. Take the pounding on the ropes, let the opposition tire themselves out. Build that character. Etc. etc.

Or not. Hard to tell after one game!

Deacon Drake said...

What was disappointing was that they went about losing the same way as they have the past two seasons... NINE freaking walks? Really?

Deez Nats said...

My "knickers were in a twist" not because of the outcome of the game per se, but the way the Philly fans overran our stadium & treated the few Nats fans in attendance like unwelcome guests in our own house.

This was a far, far different mix of Nats & Phils fans from last year's opener. Based on my own anecdotal observation, the home opener last year was probably the only game vs the Phils that Nats fans significantly outnumbered Phils fans. I'm now starting to hear that the Nats gave priority for OD tix to groups such that by the time tickets went on sale to the general public, there weren't many to be had because the bus groups from Philly had snatched them all up.

JayB said...

Steven, were you there? If not I don't think you have a clue what it was like...Not like any game I have ever been to in 6 years now.