Friday, July 30, 2010

Guzman! Traded! Hoo-Ray!!!!!!

That's what Ladson says. If true, this is the best day to be a Nationals fan since the day JimBo resigned, no matter who they got. The Rangers' farm system is the best in baseball, so if they get anyone in their top 20, rejoice. If this is true, Rizzo is definitely earning some love around the Natmosphere.


Section 222 said...

Excellent news. Hope you and Brian will do a trade deadline roundup podcast once it's over.

David said...

First Capps and now Guzman, this must be just like Christmas in July for you Steven.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter ... they've recalled JMax ... batting .105. Riggleman will just replace Guzman with JMax and find all sorts of different ways to get him into the starting lineup. Morgan and Bernadina had better watch out. Morse will be on the far end of the bench again.