Thursday, July 29, 2010

Matt Capps for Wilson Ramos?

That's what Aaron Gleeman is saying is about to happen. If true, this is fantastic news.


Will said...

That is great news, especially because it's deriving value from a player not named Adam Dunn. We have several players who are sought after by playoff teams, but haven't seemed to garner any trade-talk.

Capps is a useful player to have, but he's not essential to the Nationals future plans. To get a quality prospect like Ramos is a bonus. Ramos was destined to be undervalued by the Twins, since they just prevented him from ever seeing significant playing time for the next 8 years. Glad that the Nats might be the ones to take them off their hands.

Now, I'm awaiting Harris, Kennedy and Guzman trade news...

Will said...

Appears as if it's official. ESPN is reporting it too.

Even better, they threw in another player too! Imagine the balls Rizzo had to say, "Ehh, I'm not so sure, Bill Smith. You're only offering me the 58th top prospect in baseball for my average closer? You're gonna have to do better than that!"

So Joe Testa it was.

flippin said...

Happy I am. Now if we can unload Adam Kennedy and Guzman for up the middle prospects, I will re-up for next season right now!!! (Not really, but close.)