Sunday, January 11, 2009

Perrotto Predicts the Nationals Will Sign Dunn and Hudson

In his Every Given Sunday column, Baseball Prospectus's John Perrotto makes predictions for the destinations of the top 20 remaining free agents, ranked by 2008 Wins Above Replacement Player. He predicts that both Adam Dunn and Orlando Hudson will land with the Nationals, despite recent reports that the Nationals had given up on signing either.

Here are the relevant excerpts (I think this is behind their subscription wall, so I should at this point encourage you to subscribe yourself, and since BP is for my money the single best baseball site out there, except perhaps, you should just do it now.)
Adam Dunn (6.9): Although they already have plenty of outfielders, the Nationals seem the most likely destination for the big slugger, particularly with GM Jim Bowden's love of ex-Reds.

Orlando Hudson (6.0): The O-Dog has received zero offers, and the Nationals are biding their time and waiting to sign the Gold Glove winner to a one-year deal with a low base salary that would be loaded with performance bonuses.
Perrotto also has this about Odalis Perez:
Odalis Perez (4.0): The Nationals need starting pitching as much as any club in the major leagues, but they have no interest in re-signing the left-hander. Neither, it appears, does anyone else.


MikeHarris said...

What is this dude's track record of success? Should we put stock into this?

Steven said...

He's a good reporter, but his track record is no better on this stuff than any other rumor-mongering prognosticators. He doesn't know.

If Perrotto had actual info, he would report that. This is a speculative column, and I would take it as such.

I suppose you could conclude something about the Nationals intentions though. On one hand you have Ladson's piece saying they'd given up, and now you have Perrotto and Boz both saying that's wrong. I would feel free disregarding the Ladson piece at this point.

MikeHarris said...

Usually the best approach to take anyway!
I'd love to see both, I expect to see neither.

James Bjork said...

Don't forget that leaked comments from Nats leadership that they're no longer interested could be used as a bargaining ploy to try to drive the players' asking prices down.